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CCDP Squashed!

Last Friday I pass my CCDP exam on the second take. The first sitting was close to a pass so I knew I just needed to hit the areas I was weak in and come back at it soon after the fail. I used the FLG and most of the RFCs and design guides that are referenced in the FLG. I have to say the design track is definitely not my favorite when it comes to testing but the subject matter is about as interesting as it gets.

I am thinking of taking a month off from studying before picking up on the CCIE Written studies but as it goes for most of us that are addicted to networking, I’ll probably start up my studies in a week or so. 🙂

I made a quick question to one of my bosses today about if they would pay for training materials from INE or IPX and he said that it wouldn’t hurt to fill out a req and he’ll see what he can do. That news might make my bank account not have a heart attack.

I don’t think they are many materials I really want to get for the CCIE Written outside of the most often recommended books. I am thinking about getting the IPX CCIE Written VoD though. I always like to start out slow with the videos before digging in deep with the books.

We’ll see.