CCIE R&S Studies Start Now!

I am finally starting the journey that is the CCIE R&S. My study plan is for 20 hours a week of study time. That will be broken down to two hours per weekday and ten hours spread throughout the weekend. I will be keeping a spreadsheet that I have nicknamed my “CCIE Time Card” that will be used for record keeping of start/finish time and what was studied on that date.

My study materials will consist of:
CCIE R&S 4th Edition OCG
Routing TCP/IP Volume 1 2nd Edition
Routing TCP/IP Volume 2
IETF and IEEE Docs
Cisco Docs

Videos & Workbooks
IPX Blended Learning Solution

Practice Exam
Boson Ex-Sim Max

My study method will be to read about a topic from multiple sources, watch a video about the topic, lab up the topic, figure out where I am lacking on the topic, reread sections of the topic I feel I am lacking in. I think this will be good to start off but I do realize there will be some modifications as time goes on.

Three quotes I will be keeping handy as the journey goes on:
“Don’t memorize. Learn it.”
“The CCIE pursuit is a marathon and not a sprint.”
“Be honest to yourself in your assessment of your knowledge about a topic.”

I am hoping to use this blog a lot more in the future for notes, labs, observations from my CCIE studies, so stay tuned!


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