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Quick Update

Have not posted in a while so wanted to give a quick update. I am about to finish up my “CCNP memory refresh”. I am half way through my final book and should finish it off in the next week or so.

The last book I am reading is Network Warrior Second Edition. This book is really good. I had read the first edition and forgot how much I like Gary Donahue’s writing style which is informative and funny at just the right times.

My big plans after completing this refresh are lining up perfectly. The CCDA books will be coming out during the month of June, just in time for me to start up my CCDA/DP path. Plans are to have it done by end of year and then 2012 will be my start up that big mountain know as the CCIE. I do plan to try, notice the word try there, to blog more on the topics I go over for the CCDA/DP studies so stay tuned for some boring posts on design and such.

See ya around!