CCDA Notes – Hierarchical Model

Missing anything? Let me know and I’ll update/correct.

Hierarchical Model
1) Easy to understand
2) Cost savings
3) Modular
4) Easily modified
5) Facilitates summarization
6) Fault isolation

Core Layer
1) Move data as quickly as possible
2) Reliability
3) Redundancy
4) Fault tolerance
5) No filters or other overhead
6) Limited, consistent diameter

Distribution Layer
1) Implement policies
2) Security
3) QoS
4) Redundancy and load balancing
5) Summarization
6) Policy routing
7) Routing between VLANs
8) Redistribution
9) Media translations
10) Define multicast and broadcast domains

Access Layer
1) High availability
2) Port security, ARP inspection, VACLs
3) Broadcast control
4) QoS and trust boundary definition
5) PoE
6) STP


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