CCDA – Enterprise Composite Model

More notes.

Enterprise Composite Model
1) Still leverages the hierarchical model.
2) Modular:
    a) Enterprise Campus
    b) Enterprise Edge
    c) Enterprise WAN
    d) Enterprise Data Center
    e) Enterprise Branch
    f) Enterprise Teleworker
3) Enterprise Campus consists of:
    a) Campus Core
    b) Building Distribution
    c) Building Access
    d) Edge Distribution
    e) Server Farm / Data Center
4) Enterprise Edge consists of:
    a) E-Commerce
    b) Internet / DMZ
    c) VPN / Remote Access
    d) Enterprise WAN
5) Service Prodvider Edge consists of:
    a) Internet
    b) PSTN
    c) WAN Services
6) Remote modules:
    a) Enterprise Branch – site-to-site VPNs
    b) Enterprise Data Center – high speed LAN
    c) Enterprise Teleworker – remote access VPNs


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